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The debut release is out now


Ardent Soul’s debut release is out now featuring the hit singles “Greyhound” and “The Fool”, get your order in today and welcome to the world of Ardent Soul! Subscribe, join and follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube

Review from Chuck Taylor of Billboard magazine on songs from the album “Simply put, bulls-eye baby!”

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Upcoming tour dates

March 28 –, Karlskrona 

April 25 – Puls, Ronneby




About Ardent Soul

This 5 piece international rock band became Ardent Soul in 2012 after a songwriting endeavor between singer/songwriter Vince Francis (USA), guitarist Johan Söfringsgård (SE) and keyboardist Staffan Kerker (SE). When realizing what they were creating was something too special to pass up they brought in bass player Erik Jonsson (SE) and drummer Bo Kjellsson (SE) to make the final line up of Ardent Soul.

The music that they have created with their Swedish and American influences can only be described as unique, melodic and memorable blending strong vocals with captivating music. Being professional musicians and accomplished songwriters Ardent Soul provides the songs you want to hear and the live performance you need to see.

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